It’s not about mental illness not existing…

I put up these two status updates on Facebook today. Thought they might be appreciated by some folks who don’t use facebook too.


I doctor myself. Occasionally people with medical degrees assist me in doctoring myself. (see here)

and then

It’s not about mental illness not existing…for me it’s more about not supporting a belief structure that there is such a thing as the mentally ill vs. the mentally well…that’s pretty much a non-starter for me…we are, as a society and culture sick,…as individuals we’re all in the same mess whether we’re labeled or not. Everyone needs to do their part. We are the village. (see here)

I was surprised how many comments the second one is getting. Wowee…seems I made people think. If you want some fun you can go read the comments or add some yourself.

I liked this comment from one of the commenters:

Everyone is addicted to thoughts. I believed all my thoughts were the truth, they were not. My thoughts kept me trapped in suffering and limiting beliefs.

And I have to agree…my life lightened way up when I started considering and viewing things from multiple perspective and practicing non-attachment to all of them. I don’t believe much of anything anymore.


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