Be aware that you are a link in the chain of being

Here Jean Klein expresses how everything matters in a much more eloquent way than I’ve yet managed:

who am IYou live in contraction, thinking of yourself as an individual. Where do the terms “me” and “mine” find meaning? When you really look into yourself you cannot say the body belongs to you…

You are what you absorb. You eat vegetables, fish.. and these are dependent on light, the sun, warmth. The light is related to the moon… and the stars are all related. There is nothing personal in us. The body is in organic relationship with the Universe.

You must understand and co-operate with the body. It is ignorance of the mechanism that creates conflict. Inquiry can only be carried out in daily life. Your mind and body are reflected in your behavior from morning until night. Relationships are the mirror in which your inner being gets reflected.

Be aware that you are a link in the chain of being. When you really feel this, the emphasis is no longer on being individual, and spontaneously you come out of your restriction.

All phenomena, all existence, is an expression within globality, and the varieties of expression only have meaning and relationship in light of the whole.

To be related is to be related within the whole. Since there is no meeting of fractions, in the whole there is no other…” ~Jean Klein, from Who Am I?

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