Weaving the golden path of integration

manWhile the transformative fires of love may never feel safe, it is only through tender kindness to your immediate experience that you will know the mysteries of lover and beloved, broken and whole, and separation and union. You can slow down. There is no urgency. You need not answer any questions, scramble back to clarity, or resolve anything… for now.

There is so much intelligence moving within you. You are okay. Nothing is wrong and nothing need be fixed. Allow this holding to wash through your nervous system and open to the truth of what you are. While at times you may not *feel* safe, you always are safe, safe to fully be what you are.

Rest inside the golden path that is opening inside your heart, right here and right now. Stay embodied to your vulnerability as it is appearing as your feelings, your emotions, and the aliveness of sensation within you. Stay close.

Please provide a home for your longing so that it may weave a path of integration inside you. Honor the ache that has been placed within, for it is purifying you, cell by cell by cell; allow it to wash your heart. While it is true that opening to love may never offer certainty and ground, it is only by way of the unknown that you will be brought alive by the beloved one.

For it is out of this aliveness that you will finally offer your wild uniqueness to beings everywhere. And even the sun, the moon, and the stars will bow down in reverence to that.  — Matt Licata

For more like the above visit Matt’s blog: A Healing Space… reflections on love and the intimacy of immediate experience

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