Hip Hop/Yoga Dance Workout

As most of you know by now, I like mixing it up. Well, really, I NEED to mix it up. My body wants and needs something different everyday. I woke up a couple of days ago and wanted to dance but I also felt like I needed some yoga, so I did a search on youtube with yoga and dance in the search query. I got this lovely little short but intense workout and it was exactly what I needed. It’s really fun and very different from the usual sort of classes I take.

I’ve not been able to go to yoga or tai chi classes much lately because my stamina for the physical just isn’t there for classes. I don’t see this as a set back. I see it as my body very wisely allocating it’s energy. I’m doing a lot of really deep contemplative somatic work which is large internal but demands a lot of energy. Exercise remains critically important but I have to exercise smart. I have been doing small bursts of intense stuff and longer gentle slow walks, for example. I’m ready for this need to change any time, since that is how my healing goes.

The below video has some intense stuff in it. I did not hang myself up on looking just like he does. During the yogic like postures at the end I utilized modifications. Things like knees on the floor rather than being straight-legged like he is. I always respect the limits of my body and stop or modify movements if they’re not good for me. I strongly recommend doing the same for everyone.

More movement:

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