Mystical principles of healing

I am not otherwise familiar with Thomas Hübl but I enjoyed his insightful comments on the nature of healing.

Integrating the Past – Presencing the Future: Thomas talks about the nature of healing as a process of personal and collective transformation and about the archetypal journey of the healer.

He’s offering a free webinar soon if you’re interested:

Transforming Our Understanding and Practice of the Healing Process

“The unresolved traumas in individuals and in various cultures are again bursting open. Humanity is literally crying out for new developments that enable us to work through our individual and cultural traumas. If we do not succeed in this, the traumas that have not been integrated will force us to repeat the corresponding traumatic experiences again and again. This principle applies to the further development of the world as well as to the individual journey of healing.” —Thomas Hübl  

It sounds like it might be good.

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