John Oliver on Pharmaceuticals and Doctors (funny AND damning)

last-week-tonight-featuredThis is supposed to be satire…in this instance it’s pretty much straight up the truth…I actually have a hard time laughing at this stuff, but I did enjoy it. He’s darn witty even if it didn’t make me laugh. Too close to home is all.

For related information on Beyond Meds check:  We don’t have a healthcare system in this country. We have a disease management system.

From the folks at Last Week Tonight introducing the video on youtube:

Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars marketing drugs to doctors. We have a few issues with that.


A piece of the script from the very end:

Here’s how it works. Money combines with the cash receptors in your doctor’s wallet to create fast-acting financial relief, so your doctor can rest easy and enjoy life.

Common side effects of doctors taking money may include chronic overprescription, unusually heavy cash flow, dependency on free samples, inflammation of confidence, affluenza and an increased tendency to suggest off-label prescriptions, which in turn can cause heart attack, stroke, loss of feeling in arms and legs, seizures, blurred vision, grinding of the teeth, temporary deafness, total blindness, numbness, sudden bursts of rage, angry erections lasting over 17 hours, and death.

Ask your doctor today if he’s taking pharmaceutical company money. Then ask your doctor what the money is for. Ask your doctor if he’s taken any money from the companies that make the drugs he’s just prescribed for you. Then ask yourself if you’re satisfied with that answer. (thanks for the transcript Crooks and Liars)

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