The Receiving Project

joannaBy Jo Anna Rothman

About 10 years ago, as I was playing with different ways to not flake out on self-care, I had a thought that changed my life.

I had been in this process of giving myself a present everyday.
It was awesome, I love presents!
For once, I was following through!

When I felt solid in that, I decided to try giving a present to world everyday…it was a chance to be of service in small yet meaning filled ways. That too was awesome.

But then this thought came that rocked me…

What if I decided to receive a present everyday?
Could I?
Would The Universe show up for me like that?
Every day?
Was there enough goodness to go around?

My doubts were loud, but something within called to me even louder.

I decided to commit to a monthlong process of receiving.
And boy did the gifts show up.

Simply setting the intention opened doors I didn’t even know were there.

It was almost magical…people were giving me books, taking me out for dinner, offering me compliments!

I began to see that there were gifts that flowed to me everyday and all I had to do was receive them.

That was hard part.

Yet, I stretched out of my stories and committed to saying YES to what was being offered to me.

I played in the gifts of the cool breeze, an perfect sunset, a smile from a stranger.

Beyond the gifts that I got to revel in each day, the the most potent things I was received was getting to see what an abundant and amazing universe I lived in.

There is something incredibly fundamental about receiving.
It’s a foundational skill that so many folks struggle with.
It hits at the core of our beliefs about ourselves…

it dances in the heart of the whole “I am worthy or not game” that gets tossed around in our consciousness way too often.

And really, be it compliments, love, help, gifts or the invitations our soul offers to us in every moment…the only way to have what we desire is to receive it.

We can work our asses off and still not let the goodness flow into your lives.

5 years ago, I once again felt that inner prompting…

and thought that maybe other folks might want to explore the whole concept and experience of receiving.

Having no idea what I was doing, I simply sent an email to everyone I knew inviting them to The Receiving Project.
That week, 74 people signed up.
To this date, over 3000 have.
It was offered free of charge, my gift to the world.

Not that long ago, I realized that something just felt off about the project.
It was time to update.
Revise it.
Renew it!
And so I have!!

The new and improved Receiving Project begins Monday May 4th!
It’s a FREE 32 day Adventure, designed to not only help you receive a gift everyday, it will assist you in letting go of the stories that have held you back from receiving all the goodness life has to offer.

We are going to be doing the project as a group!

Everyday for 32 days you will receive an email from me…it will guide you deeper in the process.

receivingproject-badgetransWe will also be having weekly calls every Wednesday afternoon (Yes, they will be recorded!).

And I will be answering all questions and assisting peeps on Facebook.

If you are ready to dive into to this new adventure, sign up here

I hope you join us! The party starts Monday!!

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