Who am I? Meditative self-enquiry

I was delighted to find that my husband had one of the early editions of this little manual. It’s quite a delight to behold. I read it the first time in one sitting and it was a profound experience. It has the capacity to be profound again and again. It’s free to download so I highly recommend it.

From Sri Ramana Maharshi.org

whowhoThe quintessence of Ramana Maharshi’s teaching is found in a small booklet called ‘Who Am I?’ This little booklet contains the first set of instructions given by Ramana Maharshi. They are direct from his unique experience of self-realization. The original set of questions was asked by Sivaprakasam Pillai which was later presented by Ramana Maharshi in prose form.The power of the teaching can be realized by anyone who puts it into practice. In Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi 80 we read “Let him find out to whom are the thoughts. Where from do they arise? They must spring up from the conscious Self. Apprehending it even vaguely helps the extinction of the ego. Thereafter the realisation of the one Infinite Existence becomes possible. In that state there are no individuals other than the Eternal Existence. Hence there is no thought of death or suffering.” The full teaching may be downloaded here “Who Am I?”.       


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