The art of contemplation (vis a vis meditation)

gene keysI really enjoyed this little lecture on meditation, concentration and contemplation. I found it quite helpful and energetically stimulating too.

This talk was recorded as an introduction to a program Richard Rudd put together to study his book and life’s work The Gene Keys, which I’ve also found very helpful as a sort of modern mythology and frame. I’ve worked on and off with his program for the last year and a half. The lecture assumes some familiarity with his work, but it’s not entirely necessary to appreciate what he’s saying.

I tend to use the word meditation for all my contemplative adventures when I speak of them on this blog…simply for lack of a better way to explain my process. Here Richard Rudd speaks to the different sorts of ways our inner experience can be experienced. I found his definition of contemplation helpful because I often feel like meditation HAPPENS to me…and here it seems perhaps he would call that contemplation. Contemplation is physical too. This is what I liked about what he talks about it. In contemplation we can change our body and transform in some very literal ways in body/mind and spirit. This is something I experience daily. I believe this is in keeping with epigenetics too. It has everything to do with healing from trauma. This is also in keeping with somatic therapeutic processes.

I talk about how I found my contemplative path in this post: Life as a meditation: my contemplative adventure


●  Science of mindlessness and mindfulness…  

●  The foundation of healing mental distress and of becoming a mature human adult 

●  Meditation, not all bliss and roses



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