Miracles happen: it gets better #foodie friday

Below are some musings I shared recently on Facebook on what it’s like as my live unfolds drug free and without the fetters of psychiatry. I’m enjoying life after a very difficult time and here are a few tidbits of how I do that. Because remember, it gets better!   (that’s a series of posts)

I don’t recommend the sort of illness I got that forced me into a sort of disciplined mindfulness just to maintain any semblance of sanity. Still, there are many wondrous things that have come about as a result of it. I don’t take most things for granted anymore. The mundane became wonderful. Just being able to do the dishes or sweep the floor is pretty amazing. Our bodies are amazing. Look at your hand, right now. It’s a miracle.


In social circumstance these days I’m simply not the same person I was before the years of bedridden and/or homebound illness. I still don’t get out that much so it continues to be a complete trip to see how I engage with humanity so differently now. It’s kind of fun and it’s very surreal…I wonder if the novelty will ever wear off…or if I’m simply experiencing the moment as it is. NEW.

I also recently got back to fermenting foods. I couldn’t eat them for a long time because of very severe food intolerances. Slowly, I’ve been able to add back more and more foods. How fantastic that has been! Adding densely nutritious and medicinal foods is always key. After Saturday’s trip to the farmer’s market I got lots of fresh veggies including lovely long, skinny, firm cucumbers that I’ve cut up in slices to pickle. Homemade fermented pickles are a natural source of probiotics. Here is a pic:

Homemade pickle slices...
Homemade pickle slices…

And today on my walk I harvested some local wild red clover. A field in my neighborhood behind a church is full of them. They make a delicious and nutritious healing tea. I have found profound healing in a variety of many medicinal and highly nutritive herbs. Herbs are a critical part of healing my nervous system. Red clover is one I only drink somewhat rarely. That’s what is right for me. Some folks find it very beneficial daily instead. We all have different needs.

Red Clover
Red Clover

So really, all the above feel like miracles to me. Every moment feels that way if I let it. And yeah, sometimes things still really suck, too. My nervous system is still healing and that is the way it is. Nonetheless, I can see the miracles now and when things are more on the painful side I know that the miracles are still there even though this body is having a hard time. It means I experience life with a sort of freedom I never had before. Life is amazing. And it’s amazing even when I’m feeling crappy. Because the wondrous nature of life is consistent even while it’s manifestations are ever-changing.

I’ve never been one for country music, but the below song is a beautiful meditation and this post made me think of this video. Enjoy.

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