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healing voicesFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  JUNE 28, 2015

The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care (“EXCELLENCE”) announces a new capital campaign to finance the marketing and distribution of HEALING VOICES, a recently completed feature-length documentary from the USA.  Directed by award-winning filmmaker PJ Moynihan of Digital Eyes Film, HEALING VOICES explores the experience commonly labeled as “psychosis” and asks the question – what are we talking about when we talk about “mental illness”?  The film documents real-life subjects working to overcome extreme mental states and trauma by learning from these experiences, and finding ways to live healthier, more meaningful lives. HEALING VOICES is slated for a World Premiere in late 2015.

The Producers of HEALING VOICES have partnered with EXCELLENCE to receive tax-deductible donations to finance marketing and self-distribution of the film.  Like many recently successful “social-action” documentaries, HEALING VOICES will take advantage of the burgeoning non-traditional delivery systems available for independent films, targeting a niche and identifiable audience of those interested in discussing and dissecting the critical social issue of “mental health”.

Starting late-summer EXCELLENCE will begin hosting a series of private HEALING VOICES screenings in regional markets for potential donors, media, and strategic partners.  Tiered credits, dedications, and special thanks are available to all donors.  Secure-online contributions can be made via the HEALING VOICES FILM fund on the EXCELLENCE website.  For questions about donating or info about hosting a private screening, please contact pj@digitaleyesfilm.com


See the HEALING VOICES website.

Media Contacts

Excellence – Jessica Pratt

E:  jessica@femhc.org

P:  1-503-515-6884

Healing Voices – PJ Moynihan

E:  pj@digitaleyesfilm.com

P:  1-413-265-9833

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