Your body tells you when you’ve moved out of harmony: listen to learn

A Saturday mellow post:

A contemplation inspired by the Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA. Narrated by Richard Rudd. I like laying down and listening as though this were a guided meditation.

Your body tells you when you’ve moved out of harmony…you need only start listening. There is no hurry, however. Take your time. Learn to pause and listen. Find your own natural rhythm. Slow down…

A celebration of my body’s ongoing communication with me:

My body is teaching me to get healthy. No one else knew how to do that. It’s a celebratory wonder.

My body has only ever wanted my attention…it’s always been about survival and evolution and healing…and it leads to freedom.

The body’s capacities are awe inspiring and it’s so sad too…what we do to our bodies…shutting down these incredibly intelligent creatures

I’ve been sick since I was a child. Getting healthy is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I had no idea what was available with health.

The treatment from day one made sure I’d be sick my whole life. That began with excessive and unnecessary long-term antibiotic treatments.

I am having problem containing my glee as my body and mind starts feeling and understanding what health and well-being can actually be like.

Most significantly I didn’t know I was sick. I thought I was healthy. Many Americans are like this and have no idea that they are not well.

We live in a world where substandard health is considered normal and even healthy and therefore most people simply don’t realize it.


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