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We need more doctors like Michael Finkelstein who understands the very basic reality that he shares in the brief video below. I use the simple meme Everything Matters to call attention to it and have written a lot about it as a concept as well.

In our fast-paced world, we often look for quick-fix solutions to our health challenges, not realizing that these “solutions” in fact may contribute to our problems. Most health challenges are in fact the result of an imbalance in our bodies and lives, and most quick-fix solutions actually exacerbate these imbalances. Slow Medicine teaches that to achieve and sustain good health, we need to become aware of each area of our lives and explore how to optimize our wellness, not only within each of these areas, but also through their harmonious integration. In this video, Michael Finkelstein MD demonstrates the Slow Medicine principles, guiding viewers on how to understand the interconnected web of health and channel the domino effect in a positive direction, with the end result of true and lasting wellness.


Here is one version of the extended meme:

When it comes to wellbeing (mental and physical) and prevention of illness too many people will do anything they can to avoid the truth.

EVERYTHING matters. The body you were born with. The body you have today. Your relationships with others and the planet, the food you eat, and the air you breath…. how often you move your body and the thoughts you nurture in your mind and soul.

That is what understanding ourselves as holistic beings entails. Understanding our relationship to EVERYTHING in our environment, what we’re born with and how it’s all connected. It’s not some sort of new age hogwash. It’s just plain and simple reality.

This idea got extended into my memoir on Mad in America from a couple of years ago now: Everything Matters: a Memoir From Before, During and After Psychiatric Drugs

See this too: Nature vs nurture, biological vs. psychological: how about both/and rather than either/or

For more info on diet, meditation, yoga and many other ways to approach well-being check the drop-down menus at the top of this page and blog.

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