I experience my life now as far better than ever before…

I am alive. This I know and appreciate in ways I simply couldn’t at any other time of my life.


A couple of musings to share:

no more walls in my detox, but congestion still occurs as cellular debris marking every traumatic moment in my life moves on out…



Something I found in my drafts folder is below…most likely from about a year ago. I think it was a response to an email I got from a reader. Might be of interest to folks still healing from protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome:

I experience my life as far better than I’ve ever experienced living. These (hyper)-sensitivities allow for an incredible life of profound joy and love. I’m very grateful to be sensitive like this most of the time though it’s not always without some frustration. Learning to live with it skillfully takes some time…but the fact is I see that at some point there will no longer be an experience of limitation attached to my experience…that’s quite clear in fact that I’m moving towards that. I do not consider my situation to be indicative of being sick at this point. I certainly have come through a time where the injurious part of this journey made me indubitably ill, but that time is over. That I have limitations, right now, I simply experience as my continued learning curve…

Also, we are not the only ones who end up with these sensitivities…I’ve met communities of 1000s of us in chronic illness circles as well as among healthy people who’ve escaped illness and psychiatry but identify as spiritual sensitives…

This situation we find ourselves in can be framed in multiple ways…some of those ways are profoundly empowering and therefore, liberating, and thus I’ve ceased to experience myself as ill (most of the time).

I guess I should get explicit and say that, in my experience it gets better. It gets much better. Exponentially better in fact…the capacity for our body/minds to heal is mind-blowing.

The process I describe above is one that aids in the process of neuroplasticity…which in my mind leads to not recovery…but transformation so that ultimately there is an opportunity to be better than ever.

it’s sometimes called post-traumatic growth.

The above process is just one piece of a multi-pronged healing protocol I’ve found that works for me. Everyone’s process is going to be different…but I think sharing what works with others helps us all find that path for ourselves.



They are messengers to be listened to…they have correlates in the psyche.


*it is potentially dangerous to come off medications without careful planning. Please be sure to be well educated before undertaking any sort of discontinuation of medications. If your MD agrees to help you do so, do not assume they know how to do it well even if they claim to have experience. They are generally not trained in discontinuation and may not know how to recognize withdrawal issues. A lot of withdrawal issues are misdiagnosed to be psychiatric problems. This is why it’s good to educate oneself and find a doctor who is willing to learn with you as your partner in care.  Really all doctors should always be willing to do this as we are all individuals and need to be treated as such. See: Psychiatric drug withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome round-up

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