Stop. Trying. To. Fix. Yourself.

And then I realized that freedom was already here. Waiting. All I had to do was stop trying to fix myself.

(we don’t like it when others do it to us, so why do we do it to ourselves?)

We can learn to take care of ourselves in ways that allow profound healing and that is very different than fixing oneself. If one is trying to fix one is in direct resistance to healing. Healing is not curing. 


if we’re feeling it, it’s ours. that’s what this empath has come to…we’re either all one or we’re not…there is no middle ground on this one.


greatdisruptionThe Great Disruption by Paul Gilding — so I’m listening to this now (the audio book)…it struck me that people like me and you…those who’ve confronted death have the knowledge to do what it takes as this guy suggests. Also, for me, it’s like I am a microcosm of what is happening on the planet…my body was systematically poisoned for decades…I ended up against the wall (a phrase he likes to use) and became a miracle. I’m not alone in this phenomena…the army of foot soldiers to help heal and transform our species and therefore all species and the planet is being created right here and now. what he predicts is already happening, but it’s just an undercurrent at the moment. (let’s mobilize and heal the world!)


Re-entry into the world requires the skill of negotiating energetic violence coming from virtually everyone who holds any conviction at all. Dogma is violence.


Everything is surreal and weird and perfect and unsettling.


vulnerable, soft and tough as nails, all at once.


when healing trauma one can feel the pain emerge from the cells of one’s body.

detritus holding trauma and fear — up and out of my cells


What if you’d been met with something gentler, kinder, more loving? Might you then believe that love heals and violence and force cannot? The squelching of spirit isn’t healing…it’s a diversion at best and oppression will come back to haunt us…


Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. — Simone Weil

Indeed, it can be assumed that folks who “seek attention” and are therefore demonized in mental health circles…are seeking such generosity.

What the heck is wrong with needing loving attention? Check your bullshit mental health professionals. Traumatized folks need loving attention.


Reporting laws in psychotherapy don’t protect us. They ensure that folks who need the most help don’t have a safe place to get it. (minister’s license is helpful here for folks who want to find workarounds to this tragic and dangerous impasse)


the below graphic and comments explain why one of my most important practices is that of non-belief (or not attaching to beliefs…they seem to be necessary in a utilitarian way, on occasion…to navigate through this thing called life)


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