Healing as opposed to curing

Someone on Facebook said she didn’t believe that people who experience the phenomena that which gets labeled mental illness by psychiatry can be cured. She seemed to think that’s what Beyond Meds was about. I responded with some comments including these:

daisyNo one uses the word “cure” around here. Healing, though, happens. Transformation happens – absolutely. I know far too many of us now to doubt that at all. And many of those folks thrive and do not consider themselves ill.

and then:

The word cure is funny. When it comes to things of the spirit and emotions it’s simply not applicable. As if we might cure ourselves from being human.

The conversation on Facebook made me think of a couple of things I’ve posted before on the same topic that I will share again.

Here is one:

We thought we could cure everything, but it turns out that we can cure only a small amount of human suffering. The rest of it needs to be healed and that’s different. – Rachel Naomi Remen

And a short video also on topic by Marion Woodman:

Healing Means Making Whole 

I see healing as allowing our psyche to work with us to bring wholeness to our being

Healing to me does not mean returning to what one was before something went wrong. Wholeness does not necessarily mean normal. And even the word recovery is problematic because, frankly, I don’t want what I had before. Who wants to go backwards anyway? Healing means being whole even while still perhaps not functioning like others. Healing also suggests some sort of maturation and growth from “before” for all that is learned on the journey. Ultimately now, I see this journey as one of transformation and individuation.

It’s about accepting and being completely who I am with whatever limitations I have. I may still have limitations these days, but I also have a better sense of self and, well, wholeness, even in my still healing body and that is because my level of bodily function is not what ultimately determines my overall well-being. It is only a part of my being. And heck, our bodies do eventually all give out, don’t they? Our bodies will all die one day.

Indeed, I do not consider myself ill anymore. I consider myself HEALING which is a vibrant state of movement and change. My limitations do not mean that I am sick. Learning to make boundaries for my well-being has been one of the healthiest things I’ve learned to do. Deeply respecting the needs of this body/temple is one of the most wonderful achievements of WELLNESS.

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