no one source of truth or light (multiple musings)

I get information and data about the living whole in every moment of my mindful existence. Sometimes I utilize systems, ideologies, religions, metaphor and/or myth, poetry, art of all kinds and science too. All manner of creativity and human productivity are expressions of the collective whole and thus a source of information and greater connection. I do not attach to any of it (not for long anyway). There is no one source of truth or light. It is everywhere and always.


nothing ever turns out the way I expected…so it truly makes sense to abandon all expectations…transformational healing is downright astonishing…there is very little one can actually predict or understand…surrendering is like that


The rejected shadow child:

I am not worthy

I deserve nothing

I crave forgiveness

Please forgive me

But it will never be enough to redeem me

I am unredeemable

I am wrong

I am false

I am wicked

I am only concerned with myself

I cannot love

I am fear

I am rejection

I am pain and misery

I am your mother

I am your father

I am all of humanity

I am your soul

I am all that is

And all that ever was

I am

Hear me cry

This is my dark and lovely message

Hear me cry

Hear me cry

Never stop hearing me cry

I am close to your heart always

I am your heart

The tender rejected child

You cannot love without me

I am everything that needs loving in the world

I am every darkness

Every pain

Every misunderstanding

I am all that needs Illumination

I am nothing but the opposite of Illumination

In hearing my cry I am Illuminated

Hear my cry, hear my cry

Illuminate me


My somatic experience presents me with koans daily.


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