Forms of dissociation are common to all human beings

**the imaginal realm is both real and untrue simultaneously…it is, therefore, to be respected, always, and worked with from that place. 

Popular fantasy realities (like multiple dimensions and starseeds and lightworkers etc) are forms of dissociation…dissociation is a way to cope with trauma.  Once we understand this, the fantasy material can be worked with…people are in pain…everyone needs to heal. Being alive is traumatic so no one is free from this really.

Psychosis (and mania) too are varieties of dissociation…depending on the variety people are more or less functional and may or may not be labeled mentally ill. Mental illness, in this respect, is actually the norm with most people on the planet being subject to some form of dissociation and delusional belief system.

See: Everyone is mentally ill

Religion, too, are varieties of dissociation…religious and spiritual “experience” the same. We are made this way…to sift through these processes and eventually come to clarity when we eventually let it all go.


Update: today Reshma Valliappan tweeted the below…it speaks to what I was writing above. There is, indeed, a sense of loss at first, but on the other side of that is a freedom few have the opportunity to ever know. It is glorious and beautiful. It is real health and wellbeing.

I understand! I too have gone through that process and know others who have as well. We heal, we find clarity, we cease to feel separate.

More with Reshma — Schizophrenia: a drop of sunshine


I wrote the below little blurb previously:

Instead of denying mental illness at the individual level (for some good reasons like lack of lab work indicating any sort of markers of any actual disease) it’s time to recognize that everyone is mentally ill…and some of those most impacted are psychiatrists and other officials of the state who harm those of us who are more conscious…not less. Our society and world is sick…the individuals who are most sensitive are canaries in the coal mine. We all need help and we all need healing. Everyone on the planet needs to come to consciousness should we wish to save our species along with a whole lot of other ones as well.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Let me be clear. Psychiatry and psychopharmaceuticals are not the answer to this issue that impacts the entire human species and the planet and all the life on it.

Stepping back and rethinking what mental health might really look like in a society that is actually healthy. That doesn’t exist now. Where do we begin?


and finally from my page on healing psychosis:

People can heal the sensitivity to become what gets called psychotic by becoming AWARE…that is a growth and maturation process…when one matures enough to become an observer of their thoughts and become discerning about the content of their thoughts psychosis pretty much goes away…

Psychosis is, among (many) other things, also, quite often, a deep attachment to one’s (not consensually reasonable) thoughts and beliefs. To be clear much of what is consensually and widely believed in society and the mainstream is also delusional. It’s just generally accepted. R.D Laing has much to say about the “normal” human being. Let’s just say that real clarity and lucidity is not normal.

All human beings can become psychotic under the right (or wrong) circumstances…

Strengthening the health of the body helps clarity and growth too…as holistic beings it all matters…everything.

The maturation and healing process happens naturally…and can be aided and supported by many different things. If you visit the drop-down menu at the top of the page on this blog there are many suggestions in that direction.


For a multitude of ideas about how to create a life filled with safe alternatives to psychiatric drugs visit the drop-down menus at the top of this page. 

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