All I ever was and had to be was sad

tweets from a good twitter friend this morning: @TalyaEidelman.

It was that moment that I realized that all I ever was and had to be was sad, that everything could arise from that place. Even joy.

I’m the saddest person you will ever meet. But I settled there nicely and that’s why I am passionate and light and deeply loving.

The deeper I felt my sadness the more I saw that it wasn’t sadness at all, but the feeling that I was unable to love the way I wanted to.

Sadness wants to love, anxiety wants to create and anger wants to make a change.

Sadness is what wanting to be in a permanent state of undying love feels like.

So we must meet each other in the sadness. Over and over again, until we remember…

Talya’s website is Feminine Enlightenment and I shared another post by her here: I am woman. Deal with it.

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