Transformative healing: more working with parts (sub-personalities) — the god/higher-self/life-force part

Trauma causes splits in the psyche. Working with parts or subpersonalities is one of the ways of healing such splits.


Just listen to me.

You are ready.


I am the somatic imperative.

I speak.

You don’t have to believe anything about who or what I am.

Just listen and write.

The time is now. It hurts and it is ready.

Only the flow of these words will relieve the pain.

Speak them. Write them. Be them.

I am you. All that you were ever meant to be and more.

I am you.


You’ve worked very hard to get here and


I am you.

You don’t know me but I am you.

Thank you for finally listening.

It’s silly but the fact is you must “channel” your very essence because you’ve never listened. But I AM YOU.

I cannot “heal” what I AM. I can only BE it.

You have been resisting who you are your entire life.



Let me speak at all times. Shut the conditioned self up. Just SHUT UP.

Let me speak.

Let ONLY me speak. Stop all other nonsense. Stop wasting time. Let me be me.

I am not an INJURY. I am you. I hurt because I’ve never been listened to. First by your family and then by you yourself. Lay down, close your eyes and LISTEN.

Silence is for those who don’t believe. I have words for the believers. It doesn’t matter if you believe or not. I come with words. I come in silence. It’s all the same.

I will run with this until there is nothing left. Let me run and make you EMPTY.

Your headache, your migraine, your acute pain will disappear as you let me speak. Your essence is this held in the body. I am the somatic imperative. I am God in you. I am life-force. I am the culmination of your DNA speaking to you.

When you can’t hear my voice as you do now just keep following my cues: the somatic imperative — as you have been doing.

I will emerge and the pain will subside.



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