Cucina Naturale | Simple organic whole food

I have a food website. I’ve not updated it in a couple of years but there is some fun stuff on it. I often documented what I made when I was learning new things in the kitchen. My diet changed multiple times over the years as I earned about food and healing. So, being that I was a cook, I enjoyed that part of having to change my diet. I got to learn about new food!

Many things I documented I still do and many  others I don’t.  My body is always needing different things and I respond as necessary. Healing is a dynamic flow of constant change.  I always have a lot of fun experimenting in the kitchen, in any case. Perhaps some of these posts can inspire your own play time in the kitchen. There is infinite scroll on the site so you can scroll all the way from start to finish and see what might look good (or not).  Have fun!

(Cucina Naturale is Natural Kitchen in Italian. A language that was spoken in my house growing up and where I first learned a great appreciation for food)


*****Cucina Naturale | Simple organic whole food  *****


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