Roots go deep down into the earth into the moist Darkness. It is in being rooted in the darkness that we can sustain and thrive in the light. Do not avoid the darkness sink your roots into it that the light might carry you further and more safely. There is much work to do in the dark.

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AND yes, still, SERIOUSLY. I could use some compensation for the many 100s of hours I’ve worked with folks over the years. Working like we do and not getting any sort of compensation that I might live more comfortably in the face of continued challenges continues to teach us what we’ve learned from psychiatry. We must not be worth it. Let’s change that patterning. If I helped you or a loved one out, please help me back now. thank you.

****We could  use some financial support at the moment! You know, for things like the mortgage so that we can maintain a roof over our heads. Yup. I do this all for no other compensation that what the readers want to offer in support. Thank you!****

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  1. I needed to hear this. I realised recently the message I was giving was to help others out of the ‘dark’, it’s really hard. All the different stories and paths. I stay strong I’ve been ‘rooted’ too but I balance it out. I hope my story can help another. At this stage that’s all I hope for. Thank you for helping me see the ‘shadow side’ ppl face and I will keep that in mind and continue 🌟

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