Wild medicinal mushroom foraging, harvest and the soup I made…..

My first thrilling foray into mushroom hunting. I cooked about 10 pounds of them today. They’re amazing I didn’t even pick a third of what was there. I’m so excited these are highly medicinal and delicious both. Medicinal mushrooms have been helping me a lot every fall — the rest of the year I can’t even eat them, actually, but during the fall I need them. This is mushroom season, so we see that my body is in synch with nature…something I learn about more and more every year with the passing of the seasons.  (some posts on seasonal changes here) And this one is good for this time of year especially:  S.A.D? (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or might we be fighting nature?


Chicken of the wood mushroom soup. Had a bowl for breakfast and a bowl for lunch. I froze the rest of the cooked mushrooms in single meal serving size to be added to whatever food is asking for mushrooms!  Delicious!

And so satisfying to  forage and harvest my own wild medicinal mushrooms! After my yoga teacher training I hope to train formally in plant medicine/herbalism. I’m already an amateur…if I can still be called that given I’m healing my whole entire body/mind/spirit with the help of plant medicine. They guide the way at this point. I listen and follow. Beautiful!!

Here is a nice short video on this particular mushroom. Chicken of the Woods:

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