Pandemic blues. Can’t wait to get back to “normal.” Really?

Back to normal?    This is the world I know….thank god others are waking up to the destruction humanity has wrought. The air is clean, the animals are returning to places they’ve not been for decades.

I’ve been in isolation for over a decade with no appropriate medical care. This is my third pandemic as well. The AIDS pandemic…I worked at the beginning when young men were dying like flies. And the pandemic of murder by psychiatric meds. Going on everyday and denied by most. This is my life in isolation. I haven’t been pretending the world isn’t falling apart.

Maybe others will join us now…those of us who are paying attention. Let it be.


There is not “a reason for everything” — in fact it could be argued there’s not a reason for anything at all and we just come up with narratives to make sense of the mystery. To say that there’s a reason for everything is just another story. Let go into non-interpretive living. Let go into life.


Let’s take responsibility for our impact on others. how are we perpetrator? We live in a culture where we are all denying our perpetrations. It’s a fundamental problem.


We are God, dancing with ourselves. May each and every one of us recognize one another. Hello, all creatures great and small. Hello every last thing in this manifested universe.


“When a bodhisattva sees that all the afflictions and all the activities of the māras are aids to the attainment of unexcelled and perfect awakening, such a bodhisattva is endowed with skillful means.”



The god body is only ever fully occupied once the animal body is.


From the bucolic seclusion of the English countryside, Russell Brand has an exchange with Conan O’Brien


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  1. You continue to inspire. Slow pace of life is lovely for me. I read big pharma are talking about an antidepressant as helping with covid 19. It never ends. Have you ever come across David Icke? Check out his interview with london real on their websites. He is being banned everywhere in UK because he speaks so much truth about fake covid19, 5g, silicon valley sociopaths and deadly vaccines. He is a beautiful man. Talking of Russell Brand did you see his recent eulogy to his cat who sadly died recently? It’s beautiful. I am lucky as the bucolic english countryside is on my doorstep. At this time of year as beautiful place on earth as any. x

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