Baseball players on Ritalin

Do what you will with this info—what is usually considered a childhood disease effecting only 3 – 5% of children has now hit epidemic numbers in adult professional baseball players:

Stimulant exemptions in baseball on the rise

NEW YORK (AP)—Baseball authorized nearly 8 percent of its players to use drugs for ADHD last season, which allowed them to take otherwise banned stimulants.

A total of 106 exemptions for banned drugs were given to major leaguers claiming attention deficit hyperactivity disorder from the end of the 2007 season until the end of the 2008 season, according to a report released Friday by the sport’s independent drug-testing administrator.

That’s up from 103 therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) for ADHD in 2007, according to figures cited by baseball officials before a congressional committee last year.

“This is incredible. This is quite spectacular. There seems to be an epidemic of ADD in major league baseball,” said Dr. Gary Wadler, chairman of the committee that determines the banned-substances list for the World Anti-Doping Agency. (read rest of article)

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  1. I suppose it’s almost to be expected since the kabosh on steroid use. Actually, I know a young man who was groomed for pro-baseball from the time he was in 8th grade and was pitching a 90 mile an hour ball. He went into the semi-pros straight out of high school and was likewise diagnosed and medicated. He chose an alternative option- biofeedback. This seems to be what was ultimately most helpful to him to manage the pressure and stress of trying to fit into that world. He also discovered the partying with excessive drug and alcohol use and the expectation that he show up at these events was an expectation, part of his marketing package. He really just wanted to play ball. Never made it to the big league. After 2 yrs. he went back to college and began studying an alternate love, archeology. Major league baseball may have missed out on a truly phenomenal athlete. He’s happy with his choice. A wise young man.

  2. Gianna,

    A kid’s “medicine” is an athlete’s dope….

    They’re amphetamines….plain and simple – John Breeding’s been saying this for years….

    Why don’t we just call this stuff “speed” (that’s what we used to call it)….

    I gotta admit, I’m more concerned about the kids than the adult athletes….who always seem to find a way to “dope up”….some of the kids have no choice….they’re forced by their parents to take it.


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