Antidepressants of the future—let’s mess with even more neurotransmitters

It may be better to scramble our brains three ways instead of only one or two according to the latest research coming out of pharmaceutical companies. From The Wall Street Journal Health Blog:

For Antidepressants, Maybe Three Targets Will Be Better than Two

AstraZeneca said today that it’s partnering with the Mayo Clinic and Virginia Tech to work on an experimental class of antidepressants known as triple reuptake inhibitors, or TRIs.

DepressionThe drugs target three brain chemicals believed to be involved in depression — serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. Existing drugs target just serotonin, or serotonin and norepinephrine.

The project announced today has yet to test a TRI in people. That puts AstraZeneca a bit behind some other drug makers. In 2007, Danish firm NeuroSearch said it was carrying out a phase-2 study on a TRI with GlaxoSmithKline. Bristol-Myers Squibb has worked with Albany Molecular Research Inc. on similar drugs, and Dov Pharmaceutical said last year it was starting a phase-2 study on a TRI. (finish article here)

Our brave new world keeps on getting braver and braver. Oh the the new acronym on the block—TRI triple reuptake inhibitors. I’m sure it’s going to be hitting us from all sides very soon.

11 thoughts on “Antidepressants of the future—let’s mess with even more neurotransmitters

  1. Jurriaan I don’t believe in the singular pschosomatic model of psychology and if you’re gonna start making antagonistic remarks I will put you on moderation.

    I’m sick and don’t deal well with antagonism…

    and your making assumptions while clearly not having read me is antagonistic.

    If you want to push your agenda and website which I think has a lot of good info I suggest you remain respectful of me here.

    look at the body of my work before telling me what I believe because it’s clear you have not.


  2. well Jurriann we part ways to some extent here..I do not believe in the disease model at all…

    but yes…drugs do not heal…that view I share with you.

    people heal in many ways, some through diet and avoiding toxins and allergies, others by attending to past trauma, others by allowing spiritual emergence…

    many through a combination of all those things.

    it’s not one thing.


  3. When are so called scientists going to learn that drug therapy whatever its name and form, can only mask symptoms without addressing the underlying biochemical abnormality that is responsible for mood disorders. The underlying disease will progress under the mask of drugs.

    Depression is a Nutritional Disorder at:

    and discuss with a Nutritionl Doctor, Clinical Nutritionist or a Nutritional Psychologist.

    Jurriaan Plesman, Nutritional Psychologist


  4. Considering the research being done, becoming an android will be the next phase of the body modification fad. It won’t be pharmaceuticals anymore, it will be electronics that are processing and “correcting” the neuron behavior, nipping bad thoughts and depression in the bud. And if the only way you can get a job is if you are certified as having been “corrected” then the pressure will be on to conform.


  5. Doug Bremner: “I used to imagine some kind of mechanical device that would reach down into the stomach and put the drugs there so that there was no way that people could get around taking it.”

    Makes me think of these implants, that contain a six- or even twelve-months supply of a drug. Wonder, what became of them? Haven’t heard about it for a while.

    Aren’t there several hundred different receptors in the brain? Why not block them altogether: MCRIs – Multiple Hundred Reuptake Inhibitors. And install a – remote controlled – computer harddisk instead. Brave New World, yeah.


  6. I remember APA meetings where they would have these big posters advertising talks about new approaches to “drug delivery” and “enhancing compliance”. I used to imagine some kind of mechanical device that would reach down into the stomach and put the drugs there so that there was no way that people could get around taking it.


  7. It’s sick and crude and they have no idea what they’re doing…

    BTW, MAOIs have this triple action…


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