Facebook flash—just for fun

A facebook “friend” and reader of this blog, who truly has been a friend to me, posted a old song by Beck. I’ve always liked Beck a lot, but don’t have all his music and I’d never heard this song. It moves me profoundly. I love it. Just want to share. I think it’s my favorite of anything he’s ever done. How random is that??

I’ve listened to it a dozen times since I discovered it. I can’t listen to much music these days due to noise sensitivity. Even music I like in general grates on my nerves, but not this. This is soothing and haunting at the same time.

I also have a little story I shared with my facebook friend in a comment where he posted the video:

I stood next to Beck at a small club in LA once. We were so close our bodies were smashed together…

I didn’t even realize it was him until my girlfriend screamed in my ear (the music was loud) “You’re standing next to Beck!”

Ha! a good hour and a half crunched next to the guy, but I didn’t talk to him, even though I’m a fan.

This is a beautiful song, by the way…really really beautiful. I’ve not heard it and I think it might be a favorite already…

Thanks so much…

Here’s the song…haunting I think:

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