Today is Earth Day

Recycle, re-use, buy local, walk, ride a bike, take public transport.

Save our planet. It’s up to you and me people.

There are no other causes as important as this one because without the earth, well, we won’t have to bother fighting for the rights of human beings anymore, will we?

This is it. This is the most critical issue of our time.

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  1. Just found out: I got the facts slightly wrong. It’s not private housholds worldwide, but in the U.S. “only”. I don’t think, it makes a decisive difference… And it’s 21%. While it would need a reduction of about 80% to stop global warming.

  2. not paper/not plastic!!! We have 5 canvas shopping bags we use again and again and again…they last years!!

    and you can bring your own containers for leftovers for food..reusable containers…

    there are numerous ways to not even have to recycle.

    Simply use items that are not meant to be thrown away for years.

    No paper towels or napkins…you use cloth towels and cloth napkins….

    we want everything to be so convenient…

    And yeah Marian,
    I do think it’s likely the planet will outlive us…it is a small reassurance really.

    In general we’re horrible destructive creatures. The earth would do well without us and maybe even heal itself.

    I don’t say that in a negative way…I think human beings can turn this around MAYBE, because we’re also awesome and creative creatures…but it’s entirely a crap shoot at this point.

  3. There’s a chance, that the planet as such will survive us. – Unless we make use of the technology we unfortunately have developed, that does allow us to blow it up I-don’t-know-how-many times, of course. – I’m less confident when it comes to the survival of humanity and all other life forms on this planet, though.

    Another thought: Even if all private households worldwide do their very best to recycle, save energy, etc., it’ll reduce CO2-emission by ca. 20%. Exxon alone accounts for 5% of all CO2-emission into the atmosphere…

    This is not to say, that we as private persons shouldn’t do whatever we can. It’s just to put things a bit into perspective.

  4. We use so many plastic bags….300 billion per year – that’s a lot of bags….

    Paper or plastic?

    Only problem with recycling paper is the ink.
    Why not come in with soy ink?
    Recyle it without the fallout….

    Ironic that so many papers with pro-enviroment leanings still use conventional printers ink….Soy works great – and, no smell, or newsprint on your fingers while you flip the pages…

    Aluminum – what a waste of a metal to put things we drink in aluminum….Things taste so much better in glass, as opposed to either aliminum or plastic….Glass is cheap to make, and can be re-used….bottle deposits.

    We bury too much.
    Things get slightly old, and we throw it away.
    Not just paper, plastic, aluminum….all kinds of stuff.

    I like what Paul Newman said once….He lived in a historic home, and he said living there made him realize some things, and work harder on his marriage…..He said it did him well to realize that when things get older, they can still be worked on….made better, and don’t have to get thrown away….

    Disposable everything it seems……Including relationships.
    We gotta start doing better.


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