Improve mental health with neurofeedback

My drug withdrawal journey started when I began neurofeedback which helped tremendously for 3 years. For whatever reason my situation became to complicated and I needed to seek other help, but I know what neurofeedback did for me initially was nothing short of a miracle. I got off an antidepressant in 5 weeks and continued withdrawing from drugs with no symptoms for 3 years and had no mood disturbances during that time in spite of withdrawing.

We all know something changed for me two years ago, but I still believe that neurofeedback was key in getting me started and for many I think it may possibly be the key to withdrawal.

We are all so individual I simply offer this up as information to ingest. This article is a good introductory piece.

From Ode Magazine:

After years on the outskirts of medical respectability, neurofeedback has been vindicated by a growing body of evidence showing its potentially remarkable benefits to everyone from elite athletes and musicians to violent criminals and children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The U.S. National Library of Medicine’s database of scholarly articles, for example, contains dozens of positive scientific studies on neurofeedback published in the last two years. The results, from some of the world’s top universities and research hospitals, suggest that neurofeedback is a promising treatment for a range of cognitive health issues: seizures, low IQ in kids with learning difficulties, vertigo and tinnitus in the elderly, and substance abuse, even with notoriously addictive, destructive drugs like crack cocaine.

Advocates say neurofeedback has emotional benefits as well. “You feel very good on this,” says John Gruzelier, a professor of psychology at the University of London’s Goldsmiths College. And all these effects are generated by the patient’s brain, not by drugs. No wonder some proponents describe neurofeedback’s effects in spiritual, as well as physical, terms. (read the rest here)

I have a couple of other pieces on neurofeedback on the blog too. Here and here and here.

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