Linda Andre — on Madness Radio about her book on ECT (electroshock “treatment”)

DrsOfDeceptionCoverLinda Andre has written a scathing and moving critique of ECT and here she is interviewed by Will Hall about it. I can tell you the book is a page turner, but I have not finished it. I’ve not been well enough to read in general and basically have not read a whole book in almost a year due to my serious problems with cognition. But I did read enough of this one to know it’s really great and worth buying.

A description of the program from Madness Radio is here:

Why is ECT, electroconvulsive therapy or electroshock, so widely used today? How is the ECT industry manipulating research and public perceptions the way tobacco companies did about smoking? What are the real dangers of this lobotomy-era treatment? ECT survivor Linda Andre discusses her groundbreaking new Rutgers University press book, Doctors of Deception: What They Don’t Want You to Know About Shock Treatment 

 Listen here to the whole interview with host Will Hall:

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