How bad grammar/misspellings are dealt with on blogs


Uhhh…if this is in general true, my audience, you kind readers, are incredibly generous and overlook what I know is my atrocious lack of attention to detail all the time!!

I blame my poor cognition and y’all seem to give me the benefit of the doubt!!

Taken from here.

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  1. I believe that having respect for and preserving a language intact is very important. It would be nice if everyone had flawless spelling and grammar. Not everyone has a cognitive specialization that provides for the retention of all rules of language expression. The immediacy of direct expression, is the right of everyone. ie. If you understand what someone is saying and respect their right to say it; take it at face value and formulate your response to it based on it’s content and not it’s form. If someone has not made themselves clear, ask them to clarify.

    If you aspire to perfection, try working on diplomacy and tact if you’re looking for something to do. Ask yourself: “Have I become a critical, petty, judgmental, lazy ass, internet addict with nothing better to do?” Did I spell that right?

    The English language is in no danger of falling apart. This world is full of nit pickers who are not an endangered species. In fact they are constantly multiplying. What is it about the English language that inspires anal-retentive busy bodies?

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