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Interesting articles from around the web this week:

  • What Are You Waiting For | Quantum Learning — “I wasn’t waiting,” he said. “I never wait. I always have something to do. Something to think about, a problem to mull over, an idea to contemplate, reading to catch up. And if I don’t, I just quietly watch the world go by and enjoy the moment.
  • How Other People’s Expectations Control Us | PsyBlog — “A good exercise for learning about yourself is to think about how other people might view you in different ways. Consider how your family, your work colleagues or your partner think of you. Now here’s an interesting question: to what extent do you play up to these expectations about how they view you?”
  • God, as it turns out, looks a lot like youPeople subconsciously project their own views on controversial issues onto God, so much so that when their views change slightly, they think the deity’s views have also shifted, new research suggests.”
  • The Science of Success – The Atlantic (December 2009) — “Few programs change parent-child dynamics so successfully. But gauging the efficacy of the intervention wasn’t the Leiden team’s only goal, or even its main one. The team was also testing a radical new hypothesis about how genes shape behavior—a hypothesis that stands to revise our view of not only mental illness and behavioral dysfunction but also human evolution.”
  • If It’s Not Paradoxical, It’s Not True Marc Lesser — “The more we look for them, the more we see paradoxes everywhere — in the world of the heart, in the world of work, and in society. Acknowledging and understanding this basic truth can be freeing. What a relief to not have to make ourselves, others, and life fit neatly into some limited idea or framework! Intuitively we know that all humans are complex and contradictory. Embracing our paradoxes not only provides real insights into ourselves and allows for more self-acceptance, it also increases our appreciation of everyone else’s surprising quirks and contradictions.”

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