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Neurofeedback worked wonders for me at the beginning of my withdrawal process.  I got off my antidepressant and then off about 1/2 of my drugs with the help of neurofeedback.

For the drug naive it very well may be an important  key to staying off meds for some people. For people on drugs just a short while, the key to getting off of them. For me it was not enough because I had such profound chemical injury from being on drugs almost 2 decades. But I do know it’s power and want to share more information on it with you here.

These doctors don’t talk too much about it being used for severe psychiatric distress, but my doctor who used to work with the Othmers, who make this video, specializes and studies how neurofeedback works for those people diagnosed “bipolar.”

Once my body heals some from the chemical injury, I may return for more work with my doctor though he’s not sure I’ll benefit, simply because I’ve done so many other things to help regulate what the drugs did to my brain.

In any case if you have someone who is highly skilled virtually anything that effects our stimulation level can be helped with neurofeedback and that includes all sorts of mental distress.

Also, this is a tool. It’s not a cure all. We are holistic beings and what works for some may not work for others and most often healing is really about growing and learning how to care for ones whole being.

A while back I  posted my understanding of neurofeedback.

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