This week in links

From over the weekend and Monday, some important articles:

    ***What does Haiti need most? Spit. Bristle. Fury. — “The most urgent need … is not food and water which is temporary. The most urgent need is for psychiatrists.” — From an AP article in the Monterey Herald …Ah yes, food and water are temporary. Psychiatry is forever. Who can forget the great Thorazine famine of Ireland or the poor little Ethiopians with no Zyprexa in their bellies?

    This in turn makes me think of the book Crazy Like Us. We are actively and aggressively exporting our impoverished views of the psyche to the world.
    ***Alaska psychiatrists accused of wrongly medicating children— Anchorage Daily News “An Alaska mental health advocacy group that has spent years battling the pharmaceutical industry over medication is suing more than a dozen Alaska child psychiatrists, saying the doctors unnecessarily drugged children and committed Medicaid fraud. The lawsuit, filed months ago in U.S. District Court in Alaska but only unsealed last month, is by the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights, led by Anchorage attorney Jim Gottstein. The organization filed as a whistleblower on behalf of the United States against the Alaska doctors and other defendants, including health service agencies, pharmacies, and state officials.”

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