To my prescribing psychiatrist or “the disgruntled patient speaks”

I sent an email to the doctor who got me on the large cocktail of meds which have made me so sick. I’ve corresponded with him before…quite a lot of times actually…I wrote about it here once.

I’ve not corresponded with him in at least a year now. Below is what I sent a week or so ago. I should make note he did not bother responding.

Dr. M,

One of your colleagues, a psychiatrist trained at John Hopkins and Harvard submitted this article to my blog for publication. It is a review of Robert Whitaker’s book, which if you’ve not read you should.

She concludes her piece with this:

This is not the book of a disgruntled patient who is angry at the system. It is the carefully researched and documented expose of a multibillion dollar industry that affects the lives of a least a quarter of the population. It is also an engrossing read, and an accurate depiction of the lives of people who are afflicted with these illnesses. I would recommend it to anyone who has ever used, or had a family member use, psychiatric services or been given psychiatric medication.

It is implicit in her statement that “disgruntled patients” lack credibility. I imagine that you have conveniently dismissed my blog and my circumstances as the mad ramblings of such.

I can only hope though, that in some small way I’ve given you pause and that you do not ever commit this atrocity on anyone else…and perhaps also help others find their way out of whatever has been created in the years you’ve been seeing and treating people.

That you’ve not found it in you to express any doubt in the “care” that you gave me troubles me.

The fact is I have no shortage of friends who support my work who are not “disgruntled patients” but instead they are various interested professionals with no shortage of psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists and journalists…among a great many other…

These are people with no personal history who have seen the catastrophe visited among those they serve in medicine, psychotherapy, etc…

best to you J, that you may grow and learn from this and that your patients, too, may benefit.

I am not surprised he did not respond. I am sorry however.

On another note:

Today is the 6 month anniversary of completing my six year taper off of six psychiatric drugs. I’m still suffering from severe and acute iatrogenesis. I oddly and painfully feel more sane than ever.

I have to say I do not regret what I’ve done for a second, because while I’m extremely ill and disabled physically, I am alive emotionally, spiritually and intellectually in ways I never even imagined possible. I feel awe in everything everyday. Life is amazing. Even when sick and stuck mostly in bed…even when I often experience despair. Feeling is good. Being able to feel despair means also being able to feel profound joy. Joy I never knew.

For more links to correspondence with my psychiatrist look here.

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