The Mystical Brain: call it neuroplasticity if that’s more comfortable for you

This is something I posted a year ago. I’m sharing it again as it’s a wonderful documentary.

I can’t embed this video of about 52 minutes, so I’m linking to it here.

This is neuroplasticity at work to be totally secular about it. We can change our brains and heal our lives.

Mystical Brain reveals the exploratory work of a team from the University of Montreal who seek to understand the states of grace experienced by mystics and those who meditate. Filmmaker Isabelle Raynauld offers up scientific research, which proposes that mystical ecstasy is a transformative experience and could to contribute to people’s psychic and physical health, treat depression and speed up the healing process when combined with conventional medicine. In French with English subtitles.

More posts that deal with neuroplasticity and our brain’s ability to grow and change on this blog.

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