Let’s get “That’s Crazy” made into a film for the world to see! Action needed

I posted about That’s Crazy, a few days ago. If you didn’t see the post please take a look now. It’s a very powerful film about the coercive nature of psychiatry.

The stats indicate that the post is being widely viewed and shared all over twitter and facebook and via email too. People clearly think it’s worth sharing!!

I’d like to suggest that if you’re one of those people that shared the film or found the trailer as important as I did, that you consider giving a donation to the the producer via kickstarter. If the goal amount of money is not raised you’ll get your money back. And if you can only give the smallest amount, that is okay since lots of small donations can add up to a lot.

There is only a 9 more days to raise the money at  KICKSTARTER 

You can also continue to pass on the information about the film to others via email, facebook and other social networks. That helps support the project as well.

If the goal amount is raised the film will be made and a much wider audience will be able to see and learn about the human rights violations that happen every day in this country in the name of psychiatry.

Everyone should know that such violations against humanity are made routinely. LETS GET THE INFO OUT THERE and let’s stop the human rights abuses! Everyone deserves the chance to heal and thrive in this life.

To donate to the production costs of this film go here.

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