We have a drug problem in the USA

Legal or illegal isn’t the point. Americans are avoiding themselves rampantly any way they can.

I’ve often said that (psychoactive) drugs are drugs are drugs. Some are more socially acceptable than others but their use and abuse is always similar. They may indeed be quite useful and necessary on occasion but when one starts using them daily and long-term things start getting complicated.

This is an article about Mexico’s drug wars. It’s a few years old now. The drug wars rage on, however. This is a brief excerpt towards the bottom of the article from PBS:

Mexican officials point out that most of the cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, and heroin in Mexico is destined for points north, not for domestic consumption.

Who in America is asking, “Why?” Why are Americans so sad?

We need drugs to escape loneliness. We need drugs to tolerate company. We need drugs to feel and drugs to keep from feeling. We need drugs to fall asleep and drugs to get out of bed. Why? read the rest

Also I saw a quote today by a Jungian analyst that is worth sharing now:

“Pharmacology, while helping diminish painful symptoms, may sometimes deflect or even derail our appointment with the soul.” ~James Hollis

Right, just like illegal drug abuse too.

Recently I posted a very apropos comic strip: Coffee with Jesus

And another time I talked about this issue in reference to using Ketamine as an anti-depressant:  Ketamine (ADDICTIVE RAVE PARTY DRUG) is “magic drug” for depression

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