Benzos: a short video — “it really is that bad”

“Unless you’ve been through it, it’s impossible to know how bad it is.” 

That is sadly the truth. Those of us who get the protracted withdrawal issues come to know an alienation and isolation that no one should know is even possible. If you are someone who has found themselves in that place I’ve written quite a lot about it: The isolation and sense of abandonment many people deal with when sick with protracted withdrawal illness. While it’s a very painful and lonely process one can work with this in many ways and people do come out the other side of it.

Update: I just found this guys story in Outdoor Magazine. It’s a long story that involves multiple drugs.

See also: “The biggest mistake I ever made was…going to see a psychiatrist” (Stevie Nicks) a benzo story

It’s possible to minimize illness upon withdrawal by tapering very slowly. Cold-turkey or any sort of abrupt withdrawal can make any potential issues much worse.

If you’ve never been prescribed a benzodiazepine consider natural means of healing first. For information and resources for alternative methods of healing and self-care check the drop-down menu at the top of this page.

For a long list of information and resources on benzo use and safer withdrawal tips see here: Benzodiazepine info, news, resources & recovery stories

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