BRAIN POWER: From Neurons to Networks

This is about our children, our lives and everything. It covers trauma too. Trauma is associated with almost all that gets called mental illness. We’re building the connections of the future right now and how human beings interact via the internet. This is BIG. Be mindful of what we let into our brains. Strengthen the good things in life.

BRAIN POWER: From Neurons to Networks is a 10-minute film and accompanying TED Book ( from award-winning Director Tiffany Shlain and her team at The Moxie Institute. Based on new research on how to best nurture children’s brains from Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child and University of Washington’s I-LABS, the film explores the parallels between a child’s brain development and the development of the global brain of Internet, offering insights into the best ways to shape both. Made through a new crowd-sourcing creativity process the Moxie team calls “Cloud Filmmaking,” Brain Power was created by putting into action the very ideas that the film is exploring: the connections between neurons, networks, and people around the world.

Now that you’ve seen the film, Let it Ripple!

Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks

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