Many medications can negatively impact the brain: Concerns about Anesthesia

From Science Direct:

brainAs pediatric specialists become increasingly aware that surgical anesthesia may have lasting effects on the developing brains of young children, new research suggests the threat may also apply to adult brains…

“We demonstrate that anesthesia-induced cell death in neurons is not limited to the immature brain, as previously believed,” said Loepke. “Instead, vulnerability seems to target neurons of a certain age and maturational stage. This finding brings us a step closer to understanding the phenomenon’s underlying mechanism” (read more)

Yes, thank you. Anesthesia has always messed me up. I avoid it if at all possible now because now it’s much worse for me and even dangerous.  Many people in psych drug withdrawal and those with withdrawal syndromes in general become acutely sensitive to many drugs. Anesthesia can pose big problems for us…be aware.

Some percentage of us who’ve withdrawn from excessive amounts of psychiatric drugs or in some cases just had a bad reaction to one psychiatric drug can become hypersensitive to any and all psychotropic medications as well as any other drugs and many supplements too that cross the blood/brain barrier. There is a spectrum as well with some people having more or less sensitivities.  At the extreme, since many of these medicines are used in emergency treatment it’s actually dangerous for us to go to an emergency room even in a true emergency! A doctor who doesn’t understand the nature of the iatrogenic illness some of us have could actually kill us while doing standard care.

I now wear a medical bracelet and have a letter written by a doctor who understands the gravity of my predicament.

To learn more read: Multiple Drug Sensitivity (the outcome of over-prescribed medications)

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