What can we learn from baboons? (THIS IS IMPORTANT)

I just added the THIS IS IMPORTANT line in the title. The question “what can we learn from baboons?” is drawing very few of my readers. Sometimes titles on posts make or break whether traffic comes at all. This video is phenomenal. Its importance to our human culture cannot be underestimated. Please view it and share it. It’s incredibly powerful as well.

Are we brave enough to learn from baboons?

I couldn’t help but make a connection with the above documentary to Bruce Levine’s latest piece at Mad in America: How Societies with Little Coercion Have Little Mental Illness  — Societies with less hierarchy also have less coercion. What we see with the baboons is a flattening of hierarchy which totally changes their society.  Without the alpha males coercive behaviors the remaining society is peaceful and healthier.

More about Robert Sapolsky’s work:

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