Drop that (birth control) pill – notorious for exacerbating mental health issues.

bcpillsBirth control pills are notorious for exacerbating mental health issues. This comes up again and again in my work with people who are learning to go natural and avoid drugs. Hormone balance is very important for overall well-being. The pill wreaks havoc on hormone balance. This will effect not only your mental well-being but your physical well-being as well. We are holistic beings and everything matters.

I took the pill when I was 16 to help control my endometriosis pain (which I have since cured with lifestyle changes). It certainly did a whammy on me at that young age and I had to stop taking them. For this reason, I started noticing a long time before I went psych drug free that a lot of people have really bad reactions to the birth control pill. Unfortunately a lot of women feel a lot of pressure to take the pill. There are a lot of very effective alternatives which may not be quite as convenient but that are a whole lot safer and healthier. Kelly Brogan MD mentions some of them in the video below.

Because the pill alters your hormones they can cause a lot of other problems as well.

This post is about a very helpful book: Young women (15 – 49) with hormones please read this

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