The Natural Effect #foodie friday

hat tip to Inspired Bites, where you can read some commentary on this issue:

naturalIf you thought you were doing the right thing by buying products labeled “natural,” you’re not alone.  Which is why  it may surprise you to learn that by law this label means absolutely nothing.  It carries no definition, the FDA has never defined it, and it is simply used by the food industry to sell product, charge premiums and mislead you. (read the rest here)

You might want to read the above linked-to article if you weren’t aware of this issue. It’s really important to learn to understand food labeling if you want to eat healthfully. At this point I actually avoid almost anything in boxes and cans and jars (with a few exceptions) because if you buy whole real food you can truly know exactly what you’re buying and eating. Well, a whole lot more of the time, anyway.

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