Whisper Rapture

Ken Paul Rosenthal, film maker, is fundraising for a film with Bonfire Madigan Shive.

When asked to comment on his other films including Crooked Beauty, I said:

My experience of resonant art is that, whatever the medium, it transmits a sort of cellular knowledge that works outside the realm of language, words and metaphor (even while, in some instances, employing those methods). The Mad Dance Trilogy accomplishes exactly that sort of transmission for me. 

I imagine this film too will result in such a piece of art.

Here is the kickstarter invitation and teaser:

WHISPER RAPTURE: A BONFIRE MADIGAN SUITE is a 26-minute symphony of song and cinema featuring six original compositions by cellist and composer, Madigan Shive, four of them brand new and unreleased. The title refers to Madigan’s childhood fantasy companion, Whisper, who she used to talk to through a doorknob-smashed hole in her bedroom wall. Her conversations with Whisper paved the way for her visionary songs of rapture and rage, now poetically visualized with luminous imagery by award-winning filmmaker Ken Paul Rosenthal.  (READ MORE)


See the kickstarter campaign here to make a donation


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