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donnaLately it’s as though Tami Simon cannot do an interview that doesn’t help me understand my experience better. I’m really loving Sounds True. Basically I really love Tami Simon who takes a similar delight in all things spiritual…she, like me, is multi-lingual in things of the spirit and finds great joy in speaking to as many people with as many different experiences of reality as possible. I have a video with her speaking to this here:  Many paths (as many as there are beings)

I’m sharing a podcast she did recently with Donna Eden, who has been one of my many inspirations on this healing journey. She wrote a book that was very helpful to me a few years ago now: Energy Medicine for Women: Aligning Your Body’s Energies to Boost Your Health and Vitality. In it she talks about how she handled her wide-open energy during her pre-menstrual phases. I’ve never heard anyone else talk about PMS quite like she does and it strongly resonated with my experience and greatly helped me.

Donna Eden also healed herself from Multiple Sclerosis after western doctors told her she only had months to live. She works with a lot of people with auto-immune illnesses too. Psychiatric drug withdrawal often triggers serious auto-immune issues and they are often a part of the constellation of issues that people with protracted withdrawal have. I have dealt with several serious auto-immune issues some of which have healed completely and others I’m still working on.

When she had MS she also had severe food sensitivities to the point that she could only eat one food. Those all cleared up for her too. Many of us with protracted withdrawal issues also have such hypersensitivities. I do as well. Lately they’ve been starting to clear up for me as well.

She underscores that everyone heals differently (and we all experience energy differently) and that we need to, above and beyond all else, listen to ourselves and trust ourselves. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Tami Simon speaks with Donna Eden, a renowned energy medicine expert who has taught throughout the US, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and South America. Along with her partner David Feinstein, Donna is author of the books Energy Medicine for Women, and with Sounds True she has produced the multimedia program The Energy Medicine Kit. In this episode, Tami speaks with Donna about her experiences as someone who both sees energy and has healed herself from serious medical challenges. Donna also shares two energy practices: a technique to evolve our fight-flight-or-freeze response, and another for opening with total trust to the energy of the heavens. (63 minutes) — visit Sounds True here

Listen here:

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