Yoga: variations on some traditional poses that allow the body to MOVE

As my regular readers know, I’m all into moving the body in many different ways. In yoga too I’ve been practicing (some of the time) like the guy in this video is teaching. My favorite yoga class at the moment is one that allows dance and movement of all kinds. We are told at the beginning of the class to do whatever we want including ignoring the teacher entirely. It’s an incredibly healing and dynamic class where movement and sound (vocalization) are both encouraged.

I also love ecstatic dancing and in fact often do yoga variations of the below sort while on the dance floor. Movement is healing in many different ways.

Practice mobilizing yourself in your yoga. Have you ever put yourself where you’re tense and immobilized in your yoga, and then get frustrated that it’s so hard to move? You can also make a different choice.

Put yourself where you can move easy, and move easy right there. RELAX. Explore. It will transform your yoga into something more comfortable and effective. It will make you a much better athlete. You’ll feel great! And it just might change your life


hat tip MindBodyGreen

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