Crazywise is shaping up to be an amazing film

Crazywise documentary is scheduled for release in 2015:

Ekhaya found Baltic Street while going through her own emotional struggles. Originally she was drawn to the organization’s music and art programming and soon she was attending their Peer Support groups.

It was thanks to Peer Support that Ekhaya was able to get back in touch with who she was and started down the road to becoming a Peer Counselor herself. She learned how to “take responsibility for her own wellness”, found the tools that keep her well and now she is able to share those tools through her work at Community Links and the Healing Circle that she leads. Now it is Ekhaya who helps others move past their diagnosis to see that there is a bright future ahead of them. (go here for more)

Ekhaya is a Peer Counselor in the Community Links Program in Brooklyn, New York that serves 18 to 25 year old clients, many of whom have had a first episode psychotic break. She works five days a week at Community Links, lives in a small apartment in Harlem and on the weekends takes a bus to Baltimore to spend weekends with her teacher, a Sangoma in the South African lineage. As you will see from Ekhaya’s interview she has come a long way from a history of child abuse through “Psychosis” to become an effective Peer Counselor. Her experience includes attempts at suicide, hospitalization, finding help at a Peer Recovery Center, and finding her spirituality through her African lineage.

Another post from the film: From the upcoming film CrazyWise: Gabor Mate — myth of normal


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