OM meditation tones and music: powerfully healing

I have found meditating to OM to be deeply powerful and healing. It helps one quiet the mind as well as access the psyche simultaneously. It can in fact nip migraines in the bud for me now. It also allows me to work on gentle trauma healing and release. It’s just one of the many practices I use for healing body/mind. This is the last audio file I’ve found that I’ve really liked. I find that different recording and tones carry subtly different energies so I do like to listen to different recordings from time to time. I now have several that feature the ancient healing sound of OM.

What I do is when I have the migraine is lie down with headphones and sink into the pain…I mean really let myself feel it with the OM tones going…it some how soothes the whole system.

Below I’ve embedded a youtube video. It’s basically an audio file of the one and healing sound of OM.

It’s only 99 cents on Amazon for the full hour recording. I like listening to it on headphones while lying down quite often. Power of Om: Soulful Meditation Chants

I also have: Chanting Om Vol. II – Splendor of Yoga  and  Chanting Om – Meditation On the 7 Chakras & Savasana Sound Bath Therapy

More Sounds for the Soul on Beyond Meds (a collection of posts with music and sound healing)

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