Expansion and contraction

expandToday I’m very grateful for Shinzen Young. I woke with very contracted energy this morning and felt pretty distressed. I thought about how my energy contracts and expands a whole lot. When I thought about that I remembered that Shinzen Young’s youtube channel is called “expandcontract.” So I ventured over to his channel and found this dharma talk which was just exactly what I needed. Yes, guidance leads me to what I need pretty much always now. Guidance is showing me how to heal myself.  

I woke up contracted and did two things. I watched the below video and then I went to ecstatic dance where I moved the contracted energy out of my body with deep mindful movements. I did a lot of stretching in my dance today. The body knows.

It’s possible this talk will resonate with some of you as well. There are four parts to it. The first one doesn’t allow embedding on external sites so you need to click through to youtube to watch all four. They total about 35 minutes.


More Shinzen Young on Beyond Meds:

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